After you graduate

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Transitions track aims to educate, inspire, and unite future leaders in the urban mobility sector. The skills learned in this program are in high demand, valued by cities, transport authorities, research institutes and industries across Europe and worldwide. As a graduate, you will be an adaptable team player with a diverse set of analytical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of urban mobility.

Moreover, you may also decide to further develop your skills in the academic fields related to:

  • passenger transport
  • logistics
  • urban planning; and
  • travel behavior.

After completing your master's degree, you can apply for a PhD study in each of the abovementioned – and other related research areas.

The Eindhoven courses and projects are provided by two departments:

  1. Built Environment, and
  2. Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences.

The main contributors within these departments are Urban Planning and Transport (UPT), and Innovation, Technology Entrepreneurship & Marketing (ITEM).