After you graduate

Start your career 
Urban Systems and Real Estate is a multidisciplinary field with many different sectors, each with its own trends and challenges. Working in one of these industries carries heavy responsibility. You possess a wide range of skills in order to tackle these challenges. Since the study program in this master’s track is so broad, it offers many career opportunities. Our alumni are employed at various private and public companies as well as governmental organizations. Some have started their own companies. The alumni are employed as: real estate managers and developers, urban and transport planners, researchers, policymakers, building information experts, process and project managers in large urban projects, etc. The sectors in which they work include:

  • Consultancy; 
  • Planning; 
  • Project development and management; 
  • ICT and data analytics; 
  • (Top) management; 
  • Strategy development; 
  • Financial management; 
  • Research and development; 
  • Education. 

The demand for graduates is high in the following sectors: 

  • Government; 
  • Planning agencies; 
  • Housing corporations; 
  • Engineering firms; 
  • Construction companies; 
  • Real estate firms; 
  • Banks and insurance companies. 

A recent study shows that many graduates hold a management position shortly after they have joined the organization. But you can of course also start your own business.

Pursuing further studies or a PhD
Once you completed this master’s track, we offer a two-year PDEng program Smart Buildings and Cities for you to take as a technological designer intern. You can also pursue a four-year PhD program, which forms a solid base for an academic career.

In conclusion: why study USRE at TU/e?

  1. Built environment, urban planning, mobility, real estate management, building and city information systems: learning while doing.
  2. Room for an independent point of view within the contours of the master program.
  3. Your skill set is put to good use every day!