Course structure

Course structure

Students develop their own personalized education program by adding courses to a set of 5 core courses. These core courses represent the main fields of interest: real estate development and management, urban planning and transportation, and information systems for the built environment. The main part of the additional courses should be selected from a list of specialization courses. These courses allow students to specialize in one of the main fields or to go for a broadly-based set of courses in the USRE master track.    

The remainder of the courses can be selected from all courses offered by the TU/e, other Dutch universities or foreign universities. These are the so called free elective courses. A final – usually individual – graduation project will complete the personal study program.

We offer different types of education: courses with active contributions of students and projects in which students solve real world like problems under guidance of specialized supervisors. We promote students to accomplish part of their program in an international setting.

To summarize, students compose a personal study program consisting of:

  • Core courses: 25 ects
  • Specialization courses: 30 ects
  • Free elective courses: 20 ects
  • Graduation project: 45 ects