ASD News

Annual graduation symposium and graduation ceremony

October 23, our annual graduation symposium and graduation ceremony will take place.

Time table for Graduation day October 23, 2019:
09.00-15.00:        Symposium (Venue: Grand Café De Zwarte Doos) Download the program here,
15.30-16.00:        Coffe/tea (Venue: de Voorhof, Auditorium)
16.00-17.00:        Graduation ceremony (Venue: Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium)
17.00-18.00:        Reception (Venue: De Voorhof, Auditorium)

On behalf of the trainees and the program management, we cordially invite you to the symposium and the official graduation ceremony and reception afterwards. If you plan to attend the symposium and / or the official graduation ceremony and reception then please register by sending an email to

Training project Automotive Sensing completed (April 2019)

The ASD trainees completed their in house project: ‘Drive-by-Wire controller'. They were guided by Dr. Dubbelman (University of Technology Eindhoven) and delivered next to several presentations a technical report. The executive summary of this report can be found if you follow this link here. On the wiki page you will find more information.

Training project drone referee for robot soccer completed (April 2019)

This training project was a sequel to the project ‘Drone Referee for Robot Soccer’ 2018. The information about this project can still be found on our website and on a wiki-page. The trainees completed their first in house project ‘Drone Referee for Robot Soccer’ in April 2019. They were guided by Dr. Guerreiro Tomé Antunes and Dr. van de Molengraft (both University of Technology Eindhoven). The trainees of generation 2018-2020 presented their work, an executive summary of the results can be found if you follow this link.​​​​​​​ They also constructed a wiki page with regard to the project which can be found here.