Career opportunities ASD


This unique programme enables the trainees to gain valuable competences that are highly regarded by the automotive industry as well as by other high-tech industries where system architecture, design and engineering play an important role.

After completing this post-masters programme the graduate shall:

  • Have a sound background and experience in using state-of-the-art methods and techniques for design, development, and implementation of one of the disciplines underlying the multidisciplinary field of high-tech automotive systems.
  • Have gained experience in:
    • Articulation of the problem (stakeholder analysis, use case modeling);
    • Analysis of the problem (requirements);
      Modeling the problem (abstract, formal, conceptual);
    • Refinement of the solution (architecture, global design, detailed design, implementation);
    • Taking emerging and possibly conflicting constraints into consideration; 
    • Integrating parts of a solution;
    • Verification and validation of the solution.
  • Be aware of relevant industry's best-practices in the context of business developments where products are becoming more multidisciplinary, more and more complex and increasingly interconnected and distributed; where markets are becoming progressivelly competitive with an ever shorter time-to-market; and where projects are becoming larger, and increasingly multidisciplinary, and multi-site.
  • Have a scientific approach to design. A graduate should be capable of systematically exploring the available design options and be proficient in motivating the appropriateness of the particular design choices made for the context they apply to.
  • Be able to take a leading role in solving multidisciplinary problems and have the competences to cooperate effectively and efficiently in various roles in an international and multidisciplinary project-oriented environment.
  • Effectively participate in a team in the design and development of complex, innovative products from all disciplines relevant for the automotive industry.
  • Collaborate with engineers from other disciplines for the realization of the aforementioned products.
  • Technically lead a team of engineers and designers in an automotive environment.