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Partnering with ASD boosts your innovation capacity and gives your company the extra competitive edge it is looking for.

Specifically for the automotive industry TU/e offers a two-year post master level engineering degree programme (Professional Doctorate in Engineering, PDEng), specialized in Automotive Systems Design (ASD). This programme is executed by the TU/e Automotive groups from five different departments of TU/e, in the context of the Graduate Programme of Automotive Systems..

The ASD programme emphasizes on the multi-disciplinary design aspects of project-based research and engineering in high-tech automotive systems . During the programme the ASD design trainees focus on the challenges that to date are faced by the automotive industry: a systems approach to problems around mobility and fuel efficient automotive systems, including communication systems and electrical driving.

Solving practical industrial problems
As part of this programme, the ASD trainees participate in an industrial design / development project for a period of 10 months (module 6). For you, the industrial partner, such a project is a fixed-date, fixed-price project. TU/e offers its industrial partners a close partnership via this design project, which is focused on delivering solutions to your practical industrial (design) problems. The ASD design trainees are highly skilled engineers that use the science available at the university to solve complex technological problems. The projects in module 6 will be defined by your company, executed by our ASD trainees, and will mostly result in a proof of principle, and/or proof of concept.

Scouting talent
Scouting and attracting talented engineers / designers early allows your company to be a step ahead of the competition on the labour market. Investing in and involving a talented ASD design trainee during the final project provides you the opportunity to get to know the trainee well and to find an optimal match within your company.  After the completion of the programme the Automotive Systems Designer is ready join your company!

The value proposition in a nutshell
Within this partnership, TU/e cooperates with partners in the automotive industry willing to actively participate in this two-year programme. The industrial partner defines a design project according to its own current state-of-the-art technology and hosts the trainee for the nine-month project period. All information regarding the financial agreements, involvement of the industrial partner within the final project and the intellectual property rights issues are part of the contractual agreement (‘TU/e standard TOIO contract’) between Eindhoven University of Technology and the industrial partner.

The programme delivers the following benefits for your organization:

  • Execution of a real-life design project done by the trainee at the location of the industrial partner
  • Results and IP rights of the final project are in ownership of the industrial partner
  • Visibility and access to potential employees (all ASD trainees)
  • ‘Trial’ period of 10 months when the company can try if there is a match with the trainee
  • Opportunity to hire excellent candidates, educated according to Dutch standards, also for international locations of the industrial partner.

Intellectual Property
Clear ownership of intellectual property is important. TU/e agrees to transfer all intellectual property rights to the industrial partners according to the mutual agreement signed prior to the start of the final project.

Publication rights
When performing projects for industry, the University still needs to fulfil its publication duty. However, this might not always be beneficial for your company due to potential confidentiality issues. Also in such cases, we make custom-made agreements with you always benefiting your company.

Contact the ASD programme management team ( for more detailed information regarding this programme and your partnership with TU/e.