1. Prof.dr. Henk Nijmeijer
     Scientific Director 
     Automotive Systems Design/Mechatronic Systems Design

   2. Dr. Peter Heuberger
      Program Manager
      PDEng Automotive System Design/Mechatronic Systems Design

   3. Ellen van Hoof-Rompen
      Management assistant

ASD scientific Steering committee

The ASD program has been developed in cooperation with several departments of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Currently the following people oversee the development and the multi-disciplinary content of the program: 

  • Henk Nijmeijer, Scientific Director, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Peter Heuberger, program manager
  • Yanja Dajsuren, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Ad Aerts, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mark van den Brand, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Jacques Terken, Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences
  • Mircea Lazar, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Gijs Dubbelman, Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Maarten Steinbuch, Department of Mechanical Engineering