PDEng program

PDEng Qualified Medical Engineer

ECTS points
Education type
Two year
Professional Doctorate in Engineering

This program is in Dutch, therefore Dutch at level C1 or C2 is required.

TU/e offers two-year post-master designer's programs. Like a doctoral candidate, you will have the status of TU/e employee if you are selected for one of these programs. The programs start with a year of advanced education, followed by a major design project of eight to twelve months in a company.

The designer's programs lead to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng degree). These programs are given under the banner of 4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute, a joint initiative of the four universities of technology in the Netherlands.

The program is also part of the School of Medical Physics and Engineering Eindhoven (SMPE/e; www.smpee.nl). In this school is geared to the education of young (technolical) professionals in the healthcare arena.


Qualified Medical Engineer

Technology is playing an ever more important role in healthcare. Doctors, nurses and patients rely more and more on advanced diagnostics and computerized models to evaluate health and make key decisions. While many techniques are very promising a robust, cost effective introduction in daily care is often not that easy.

The Qualified Medical Engineer (QME) deals with this issues through a systematic (technological and proces based) design approach when introducing new technology. While technology issues are always important, organizational issues can be just as relevant.

A second issue in which QME's are involved is the "control" of all this technology in daily practice. How a healthcare institution deals with all its technology so that it really supports the care and cure process is complex. A good design approach is needed to control such processes.

CCTO Certification

This program is recognized as a PDEng program by the CCTO, the Dutch certification institute for technological designer programs.