PDEng program

PDEng User System Interaction

ECTS points
Education type
Two year
Professional Doctorate in Engineering

TU/e offers two-year (post-Master's) designer's programs. Like a doctoral candidate, you will have the status of TU/e employee if you are selected for one of these programs. The programs start with a year of advanced education, followed by a major design project of eight to twelve months in a company.

Consumer electronics, modern interactive websites or innovative shopping aids for elderly people require user-friendly interaction between humans and systems, especially when dealing with complex technological systems with a large information flow, like computer- and interactive learning systems. The USI course educates you in becoming a designer with the skills to develop these interactions. You will be trained in proven scientific methods and techniques necessary to design and evaluate user interfaces of products, services and systems. You will learn the entire design cycle by working on various applications.

The designer's programs lead to a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng degree). All PDEng programs are given under the banner of 4TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute, a joint initiative of the four universities of technology in the Netherlands.

CCTO Certification

This program is recognized as a PDEng program by the CCTO, the Dutch certification institute for technological designer programs.