MSc, PDEng Luuk Beurgens, alumnus

I’m bringing a solid UX background to my designs

"After getting a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Industrial Design, I wanted to learn even more about designing a great user experience. I joined User System Interaction (USI), a 2-year post-master program for design, computer science and psychology graduates, focusing on topics that are relevant for UX. The program was just what I needed after getting my master’s degree, because of the courses and the opportunity to do long-term projects with large companies. PDEng students get a salary and in return a high level of quality and professionalism is expected. What I like about TU/e is that it’s really hands-on, giving you lots of responsibility. There is good support, but in the end it’s up to you. I’m now working at Vodafone Group in Germany, where I recently worked on an affordable but fully-edged smartphone for the South-African market. "