The User System Interaction post-graduate program is set to train their students in scientific methods of design and evaluation of user interfaces of products, systems and services. The students get to know the entire design cycle by working on various applications, from innovative shopping aids for elderly people to consumer electronics, to modern usable web sites, individual interest applications notwithstanding.

The main educational focus of the program is set on:

  • Knowledge of perception and cognition as a foundation for human capabilities and limitations;
  • Knowledge of information and communication technologies;
  • Skills in specifying and formalizing product features that conform to work efficiency and effectiveness, users satisfaction, fun and ease of use;
  • Skills in recognizing and realizing economic, technical, political, social etc. trade-offs of a design;
  • Skills in the design of user interfaces;
  • Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team;
  • Knowledge and skills for optimizing the development process;
  • Skills for the critical evaluation of product designs and prototypes with regard to learnability, ease and fun of use, user capabilities and limitations.