After getting your PhD degree

Once you obtain your PhD, the world is at your feet. Getting your PhD degree will give you an excellent starting position for an academic career or a job in industry. Depending on your ambition and possibilities, you can:

  • continue your scientific career, often at another university (see below),
  • start a business in the form of a startup,
  • work in business or government.

In the third year of your PhD trajectory at TU/e, you are encouraged to start thinking about your future career. For example, by participating in courses and events of the PROOF training program. Your professor or supervisor will also discuss your ambitions and perspectives in science or career prospects in other sectors. 

Scientific career

After a PhD, many scientists opt for a postdoctoral period, often in another country or at another university, mostly for several years. It is an opportunity to broaden and deepen your research skills, contribute to the research field, and build up a track record. TU/e also offers (international) postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to enhance their research experience.

After your postdoctoral experience, you can apply for a Development Track as an Assistant Professor. TU/e encourages talented scientists to develop into assistant and associate professors. Successful associate professors can eventually take the step to a professors' position.