Do you have a master’s degree and want to pursue a career in scientific research? Then you could consider taking a PhD at TU/e. For four years you will conduct in-depth research within a specific research area at an internationally renowned university, situated in Brainport, the smartest region in the world and famous for their strong ties with industry and high quality research.

What does a PhD at TU/e entail?

PhD programs at TU/e are four-year research positions. Aim is to become an excellent, independent researcher. . Under the supervision of a professor you will do cutting-edge research within the field of your choice. You will collaborate with other departments, research groups, industrial partners and research institutions, depending on your research subject. After successfully defending your dissertation, you will receive the doctoral title Dr. or PhD.

Why become a PhD at TU/e

Our researchers get the space and support they need to excel and our small scale and personal approach makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with other departments. PhD programs at TU/e offer a wide range of courses geared toward personal and professional development, in contrast to most counties.  PhD at TU/e are (mostly) salaried university employees.


How to become a PhD at TU/e

There are different options for doing a PhD at TU/e. . Most PhD candidates will be employed by Eindhoven University of Technology. Other options are to look for funding in your own country or apply for private scholarships.

Employed PhD’s are appointed for a maximum of 4 years in full-time appointment. Some spend part of their time teaching. PhD openings can be find under vacancies. You can apply if you are interested and meet the requirements.

The second option is less common. If you have an excellent research idea that matches TU/e’s scientific ambitions and you have a grant or scholarship, or you’re employed by another company, in exceptional cases you could gain admission to a PhD program.  In this case contact the research group you’re interested in for the possibilities.

Bench fee
PhD candidates that are not hired by TU/e, are required to pay an annual bench fee (similar to tuition) of € 10,000. This bench fee covers the costs for education and supervision. PhD candidates funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (only) are exempted from this bench fee.

More about tuition fees

You will need to find a supervisor yourself or, depending on the type of research, TU/e assigns a supervisor to you. Once you have found a supervisor, you will develop and agree a plan of work.

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Difference between PhD and PDEng

Next to PhD programs we also offer PDEng programs at TU/e. A PDEng is a two-year full-time salaried technological designer’s program that allows you to expand your technological knowledge, gain practical experience with the latest methods and work on your professional skills.  PDEng program is on par with a PhD program. The main difference is with PhD is the focus: a PhD is aimed to establish you as an independent researcher and a PDEng prepares you for a high-level position in industry.  

After your PhD

Obtaining your PhD degree will give you an excellent opening for a scientific position at a university or a job in industry.

Scientific career
After a PhD program, many scientists choose a postdoctoral period, often in another country or at another university. This period covers several years. It’s an opportunity to broaden and deepen your research skills and research area. The TU/e also offers (international) postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to increase their research experience.

After a postdoctoral period TU/e encourages talented scientists to develop into assistant professors and associate professors. Very successful university associate professors can take the step to a professors' position, at the TU/e or another university.

Events and information for PhD's

Watch our webinar where a PhD student and a PDEng trainee tell you more about their position at the TU/e.
Or visit our Graduate School event on the campus!