Mastertrack Care and Cure

Iris Huijben

“Electrical Engineering straddles the boundary between theoretical and practical work, so you get to understand something deeply and still see fast real-world implementation of your work. I specialize in digital signal processing for optical communication systems, for instance to increase the capacity available for broadband internet. I’m adapting techniques that were developed for wireless communications and applying them to optical transmission systems. I chose Eindhoven because studying here just felt right. The province of Noord-Brabant is known for its friendliness and the atmosphere in Eindhoven is great. At TU/e, your professors treat you as an equal without too much hierarchy. There are excellent study associations and many activities to participate in. I’m thinking about continuing my specialization with a PhD. I know I am well-prepared for the future, as the TU/e optical research groups are renowned globally for their expertise.”