EngD Qualified Medical Engineering

Joyce van Sluis

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"Tonic seizures in epilepsy carry a high risk for sudden unexpected death: all muscles continuously contract for a variable amount of time, including the respiratory muscles. These seizures usually occur at night and are easily missed with video monitoring. With a reliable seizure detection alarm, caregivers can provide medical care immediately if necessary. I’m developing a wearable device that measures muscle tension, heart rate and whether you’re upright and active or lying down. I refined the sensor specifications, developed the detection algorithm and am now testing the device on real patients.  

I moved to Eindhoven for my project, and I really enjoy the friendly people and sports culture. TU/e has excellent facilities, up-to-date courses and informal, very approachable professors. After I complete my EngD, I would like to do a PhD and build a career in academia."