PDEng Design and Technology of Instrumentation

Maaike Jong

"I did my project at a small start-up, developing the first prototype of an imaging catheter to detect bladder cancer – seeing inside the tissue, like ultrasound, but used internally. I built the prototypes and did product design, material selection and supplier contacts. I even worked on business strategy. The project was very enjoyable – very broad and diverse, and with a lot of responsibility.

The PDEng programs were a real eye-opener: learning and working at the same time. At DTI, you will see multiple companies from the inside, so you find out where you fit and what you like. It’s a kickstart to your career. Next, I’m going to Boston for an internship with a group working on the same kind of imaging technology we use in our catheter. Afterwards, there’s a job at Scinvivo waiting for me. Win-win for everyone."