EngD Data Science

Mariya Yurchenko

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Airport runways are subjected to tremendous loads by arriving and departing aircrafts. Pavement degradation may lead to serious damage. The intention of my project was to build a model for predictive maintenance, based on the number of airplanes that use a specific runway at Schiphol and on pavement inspection data. The project was initiated by Heijmans, a major construction company in the Netherlands. Heijmans gave me every freedom to execute the project and find the best directions. 

After I got my master’s diploma, I wanted to use my knowledge for something concrete. The EngD program really focuses on bridging the gap between academic knowledge and industrial challenges. TU/e and Eindhoven offer an international environment where highly qualified engineers are in demand. In the future, I would like a career in data science. It is a field that drives innovations.