Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Pre- study


The pre-study program takes place in September/October/November and February/March/April.

For whom?

The pre-study program is meant for good and excellent vwo students in the fifth or sixth year who are looking for some extra challenge.

What does Pre-study entail?

If you are a high school student in 5 or 6 vwo, you are invited to take classes at TU/e. You can do one course per semester and take the course exams. This will allow you to get a good feel of the differences between education in high school and university.

To attend, it is important that you have the time and opportunity to take university classes during school hours, for a few hours per week. You will also need to do homework.


You will receive a certificate if you pass the exam. If you enroll at TU/e after graduating from high school and if the course is still a part of the program, you will receive dispensation for the course.

From the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry bachelor’s degree program, we offer two courses for early credit: Introduction to Chemistry and Chemical Technology and Organic Chemistry.

Introduction to Chemistry and Chemical Technology

This course will give you an introduction into chemistry and chemical technology, introducing both the foundational principles of the molecular sciences and touching on the chemical technology principles of materials, products and processes. This makes it a good introduction to the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry bachelor’s degree program for vwo students.

Organic Chemistry

Molecular thinking is the basis for the Organic Chemistry course. You will learn the basic principles of organic chemistry, such as the composition and nomenclature of organic molecules and how to recognize functional groups within these molecules. You will become acquainted with a variety of techniques to elucidate the molecular structure of organic compounds. In addition, chemical reactions are a major part of this course; think about various types of reactions, their kinetics and the way functional groups in a molecule can influence those.


You can register by sending an email to the study information officers of the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry department. State your name, address, phone number, where you go to school (name + city), and the name and email address of your chemistry teacher.

More information

For more information about Pre-study or questions about the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry program, you can contact the information officer. Use the form below or call +31 40 2475 849.