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The research days are meant for enthusiastic 4-vwo students with an N profile including mathematics B, physics and chemistry.

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The research days are intended for individual students from different schools. If you are a teacher who is interested to do the research day program with your entire class, contact us as soon as possible through the contact form below. We can then discuss if – and if so, when –we can organize a day for you.

What is a research day?

At one of the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry research days, you can get a taste of doing chemistry research on a societally relevant topic.

Theme: controlled drug delivery

The theme of the 2019 research day is: Controlled drug delivery

Medication with a short half-life often shows a strong fluctuation in blood concentration after it is administered. This could lead to unwanted side-effects when concentrations are high, and periods of relative inefficiency when drug concentrations are low. For medication like that, it is important that it is delivered to precise locations in a controlled manner. You can then reduce the administered dose and avoid potential side effects such as damage to other organs.

In recent years, much research has been done into new techniques for intelligent dosing systems, known as drug delivery systems. Several types of drug delivery systems exist. For instance, research is being done into biopolymers. To model drug release, researchers look at dye release.

During the research day, you will work on the research question:
Are alginates (‘sugar polymers’) a potential means for controlled drug delivery?


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