Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

Summer school

For whom

The summer school is intended for pupils who will be moving on to their pre-university year and have an interest in chemistry or chemical engineering.


This year the summer school will be held from Monday August 24th through Thursday August 27th, 2020. International students will be welcomed on Sunday August 23rd.

What does the summerschool entail?

For four days you will work in a group of 6 students on an interesting project from one of the different research groups within the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. You may use advanced equipment in professional lab rooms under the expert guidance of an older-year student. During this week you can also experience what it is like to study at a university.

Impression of the atmosphere

Final presentation as closure

We will end the week with a poster presentation of the project, in which you present the results to the other groups and to staff members of the Department. This way you will also gain experience with other aspects of chemistry and chemical engineering beyond the experience you gained in your own project.

Stay overnight

Anyone can stay overnight. Participation is free of charge.



You can register from 6 April 2020 via MyStart@TU/e. Please note the conditions for registration. Because there is a lot of interest and a limited number of places, we initially apply a maximum of two pupils per school. Students who are registered as a reserve may participate if the maximum number of participants has not yet been reached. So be quick, because full is full!

More information

For more information about the summer school or answers to questions about the Chemical Engineering and Chemistry program, you can contact the information officer via the contact form below or via telephone number +31 (0)40-247 5849.