Mastertrack Nano, Quantum and Photonics

Philemon Koolen

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I’m drawn by organic electronics – like flexible displays and solar panels – because they are the future in terms of technology and sustainability. But first, I’m learning the fundamentals of the nanoscale world. Quantum physics, magnetism and atomic physics, a whole new unimaginable world. From this basis, I’d like to combine physics with chemistry and biology to create artificial skin.

Eindhoven is a great city and TU/e has a very open atmosphere. It still feels like a small-scale university. The program is difficult, but that makes it a fun challenge. You master all this knowledge, and then you get to decide where you want to take it. For the future, I’d like a career in industry. Something to help make the world more sustainable. More importantly, something I’m good at, enjoy doing and where I can collaborate with other people."