Bachelor Electrical Engineering

Pieter van Diepen

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“For a long time, I wasn’t that keen on learning. I always wanted to be a builder: being busy with your hands, building houses, that’s cool, isn’t it? Now I am studying Electrical Engineering and I dream of becoming a professor. How is that possible? I am getting closer and closer to my passion. This study is just really enjoyable: it is not just about theory and lectures, but you also learn how to apply your knowledge. Furthermore, it is really difficult, which is good because I always need a challenge. The best thing so far? During the first year, we wrote software for a heart rate monitor, and it was an eye opener that I can make such a thing, applying Electrical Engineering! This was the beginning of my interest in one of the spearheads within the TU/e, Health. The subject Bioelectricity & Electromagnetic effects which fits well with this theme is really good because you learn how you can use electromagnetism to measure different things on the body. It’s great that with my knowledge of this I can…