EngD Automotive System Design

Rameez Ismail

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I’m working on a vision-based lane-keeping system for cars. Our system is not like passive lane-keeping systems, which only warn you, or other active lane-keeping systems, which course-correct. With ours, you should be able to really take your hands off the wheel and relax. The vision-based aspect is innovative. Cameras are readily available, unlike radar or lidar, and very high-quality, but the interpretation technology is still at a very primitive stage of development. 

I chose to do a EngD because it’s a perfect combination of research and application. At TU/e, there is a lot of contact with the industry, which is great. You get access to state-of-the-art tools and all the knowledge and support you need. After I graduate, I’d like to stay in the field of advanced driver assistance systems. It’s very interesting and has a lot of potential.