Master track Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry

Rucha Kakatkar

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Solvent-based coatings are strong, but may contain harmful, volatile organic compounds. We’re trying to improve the properties of water-based coatings, which are better for the environment and human health. Incorporating inorganic nanomaterials in colloidal polymer coatings is one of the most promising approaches for robust water-borne systems. We’re studying the interaction between organic and inorganic components which determine the properties of such coatings. This is all experimental, no modeling involved, which suits me very well.

Studying in the Netherlands has been a great experience for me. The educational approach and the life in general here are different than in India. The faculty is always available to answer questions. Research here is really close to the industry, not hypothetical, but aiming to address real life problems, which I prefer. After I graduate, I’d love to find a job in the Netherlands.