Mastertrack Medical Imaging

Emiel Roefs

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I’m analyzing MRI images of patients with epilepsy, to see if the MRI images also show the epileptic focus identified with PET imaging. Unlike PET, MRI is not harmful, so that alone would be a great reason to switch. And in theory, MRI shows other functional and anatomical properties, potentially improving the experience and results of brain surgery for epilepsy patients.

TU/e has a great atmosphere and I really like my study association. In Eindhoven, there’s a lot going on. The master’s program itself is very technical, but still offers many different career opportunities: e.g. working with patient data in a hospital or developing treatments and tech in industry. I’m more interested in working in industry. Ideally, a big company with lots of opportunities to keep growing in my career. I’d definitely like to do something with MRI technology."