Mastertrack Medical Imaging and Modelling

Tamar van Asch

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I’m analyzing data from an epilepsy patient receiving deep brain stimulation. Nobody knows yet why that has an anti-epileptic effect. I’m using EEG data to find out what really happens in the brain. Medical imaging is a great field – software can sometimes do what physicians cannot. By developing the right tools, we can help doctors help patients. This project has made me want to keep working on technology to directly benefit patients.

I feel completely at home in Eindhoven. There’s a very easygoing atmosphere, you can just drop by and ask the professors your questions. In the student team I was part of, I noticed that companies in Eindhoven are well connected to the university and eager to work with students. With big companies and lots of upcoming startups in the medical technology area, the Brainport region really adds value.”