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Michiel Roelofs

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Normally, solar panels are electrically coupled in series, so if one panel is broken or shaded, the whole array yields less. During my graduation project, I worked on micro-electronics that can compensate the loss of that yield and increase the total energy production of the array. Together with a cofounder, I started a spin-off with this technology. That’s really important to me, using technology for societal issues such as the energy transition.

The best thing about the SELECT program is that you learn a truly problem-oriented approach in an international, entrepreneurial context, so you combine many different scientific areas in your solution. At TU/e, students are full of initiative. Study associations, spin-offs, student teams – there’s a lot of room to develop good ideas. Being a TU/e spin-off is great: you’re independent but still part of the TU/e ‘family’ and the Brainport region.