In-depth program

After the general presentations of the various majors, you can accompany your group to the department to attend the in-depth program. Please make sure to register for this session. Below, you will find short descriptions of the various in-depth programs:

Applied Mathematics

We will start with an introductory presentation in which we look more closely at the curriculum of the major. In particular, we will shed light on the way the program alternates between theory and practice and the role of mathematical modeling. Afterwards, you will work on a project that will introduce you to a practical modeling assignment. A lecturer and some students will be available to answer any other questions you may have about the degree program.

Applied Physics

The in-depth program of Applied Physics offers visitors  two lab tours: a lab where plasmas (hot ionized gases) are used to make new materials or a lab where clouds of extremely cold atoms are caught by strong lasers.  You will be hosted by enthusiastic scientists who like to explain their research to you.  Then,  students will briefly tell about their week program, after which you gather around interesting experiments and chat with the students.  In the meantime the parents are received by staff members, who will be pleased to answer all sorts of questions.

Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

The in-dept program of the Department of the Built Environment gives you a good idea of the broad range of the bachelor’s program. During the tour through the Vertigo building, you will get to know the three specialisms. Firstly, you will be a candidate in an interactive quiz testing your knowledge on urbanism. Secondly, you will participate in an assignment making a construction exposed to stress. Finally, you can let your creativity run free during the design assignment. During this assignment, your parents will get the opportunity to ask questions over a cup of coffee. The program is concluded with a tour through the student workshop. 

Chemical Engineering and Chemistry

The in-depth program will start with a presentation of a student who talks about his or her experiences in the Bachelor’s program. After, you go to the lab to do a hands-on project. The last part of the program is a tour in our labs, where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear what it is like to study Chemical Engineering and Chemistry in Eindhoven.

Computer Science and Engineering

During this interactive workshop we will teach you something about automata, logic and cryptology which are all part of the study program. Our students, who will give the workshop, chose those subjects because they were their favorite courses. These subjects are very topical and necessary to design useful and well-functioning information systems. It is possible to ask questions about the study program during the workshop. We conclude the workshop with a visit to the study association GEWIS.

Data Science

In the in-depth program, you will get a mini-lecture about three core topics in data science: statistics, visualization, and ethics. You will look at data from different perspectives. The statistics part is about making predictions from observed data. In the visualization part, you will visualise some data about Eindhoven yourself. The ethics part will make you think about using data in a responsible way.

Industrial Design

The in-depth program of Industrial Design (ID): Visit the department and follow a design workshop ‘Design Pressure Cooker’. During this workshop you will work on a challenging design question that you could face as a student. At the end your group will present a first concept. It’s a method to get acquainted to a design process in a short period of time. How do you come up with an innovative product or service? Experience what it’s like to study ID. In the meantime, parents will get the opportunity to ask their questions. Subsequently, they will be invited to provide feedback on the results of the workshop. A tour of the department concludes the visit.

Industrial Engineering

You’ll work on a practical business case: the supermarket of the future, which explores different aspects of how supermarkets operate. We look at a supermarket from different perspectives: the customer (marketing), the manager who orders products (logistics), and other management aspects like using staff and quality control. You’ll also visit the Industrial Engineering student association.

Mechanical Engineering

During the in-depth information program of the Bachelor’s program Mechanical Engineering you will be introduced to the program and the faculty. You will visit study association Simon Stevin, you will listen to students who’ll present their Bachelor’s End Project, and you will be given a tour through the Gemini building. Furthermore, you will work together with other students on a Design-Based Learning assignment, so you get a good impression of the design-oriented education within the program. Of course you will also have plenty of time to ask all your questions to students and staff.

Psychology & Technology

We start with an interactive demo in the lab. This will teach you how technology affects us in everyday life, and how you can use knowledge of psychology to make technology work optimally for people. You’ll also follow a mini-lecture.

Sustainable Innovation

You’ll work on a case that challenges you to come up with the best car (driveline) concept of the future. And you will have plenty of time to ask questions to students about the Sustainable Innovation program and studying in Eindhoven.