Information market

Visit the information market and get introduced to every aspect of studying in Eindhoven. The information market is located in het Hall of the Auditorium building and you can visit it during the whole day. Find out about every aspect of studying in Eindhoven and studying at TU/e.

At the information market you will find:

All majors (the basis of your Bachelor's program) are represented at the information market. Just ask students and lecturers all your questions.

Innovative student projects
Here, students and staff will be happy to show you their innovative projects. Meet the designers of the future!

Student Affairs
Ask all your questions here about your study program, about the Bachelor College, supervision during your study program, admission requirements and anything else that affects your study, such as finance or studying with a disability.

Student accommodation
Meet the student accommodation agencies. Here, you can make some preliminary enquiries about registering, availability and other matters related to living in student housing.

Student life
If you would like to see what Eindhoven has to offer as a student city, drop by one of Eindhoven's many student associations.

Join one of the many student teams at TU/e and drive a race car you built, design a drone that does chores by itself, or travel around the world in 80 days on a self-built electric touring motorcycle.