Eindhoven: Technology hotspot

The claim that Eindhoven is ‘leading in technology' is more than just a slogan. Forty percent of all Dutch spending on research & development takes place in this region. So it's no surprise that Eindhoven and the surrounding region is officially referred to as ‘Brainport'. Its location on major transport routes and the presence of Eindhoven airport make the region an important crossroads. Eindhoven is a trend-setting center of innovation and technology, ranking 4th on the EU’s Lisbon index for innovation.

Global companies
Eindhoven is number one in terms of technology. It holds a strategic position as one of Western Europe’s leading technology centers, and has been the base for the research and development facilities of Philips Electronics for over a century. Philips has recently built a new research campus for 10,000 researchers in Eindhoven. Many other global companies have established development and production facilities in the Eindhoven area. 40% of all R&D activities in the Netherlands take place in the Eindhoven region.

Brainport Eindhoven
The region of Eindhoven has also cross-border links with the neighboring countries. Partnerships with Leuven (Belgium) and Aachen (Germany) are expected to strengthen the region's position further. The Eindhoven region is officially recognized by the Dutch government as one of the three mainports in the Netherlands, alongside Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam. It's no coincidence that it was given the name ‘Brainport’. Thanks to its location in the region, more than three percent of the province's gross income is spent on research & development. This makes it the only province in the Netherlands to meet the Lisbon targets, as well as giving it a top three position in Europe.

Jobs in technology
A quarter of the jobs in the region are in technology and ICT, with companies such as FEI Company (once Philips Electron Optics), NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors), ASML, Toolex, Simac, CIBER, Neways, Atos Origin and the aforementioned Philips and DAF. Eindhoven has a lot to offer people with a technological focus. As a student you can benefit from the presence of many high-tech companies located both on and near the TU/e campus.