Study costs

In order to be able to study in the Netherlands it is important to make sure that you have sufficient financial means to support you throughout your entire study program. Students are therefore strongly advised not just to arrange sufficient funding for the first year of study, but to ensure that they have secured funding for all subsequent years of study at the TU/e.

The cost of living in the Netherlands is comparable to other western European countries, which means that per year of study you will need:

  • living expenses: a minimum of €10,500 (for rent, insurance, living expenses, books, local transportation);
  • tuition fee for academic year 2018-2019: €10,000 for Bachelor's students and €15,000 for Master's students;
  • visa & residence permit costs €321.

Of course the budget depends on the student’s lifestyle and is an estimated minimum budget, but is unlikely to be less than this amount. 

International traveling expenses are NOT included in this estimate.

Please note that scholarships are generally only granted to incoming Master's students and not to students already studying in the Netherlands. Please do not assume that you could gain a scholarship once you have started your studies here.