Study guidance and coaching

Taking a course of study requires a lot of independence when it comes to planning and discipline. Studying takes a lot of time, and university study is not the same as what you are use to from senior high school or college. Examination material is sometimes difficult to understand. The questions asked in exams may be different from what you had expected. You may find that you just find it difficult to study. You'll find you will regularly need to work with others during the course of your study. And not everyone finds that easy all the time.

Experienced TU/e coaches are by your side to offer personal advice from the start till the end of your study, from the moment you enroll in the Bachelor College when you and your coach look at the major that best suits you and how you can best supplement this with your electives. In this way you create your own study program, one that fits your interests and ambitions. And if you should find out during your first year that a different major suits you better, then you can look at the options with your coach for switching major within this first year.

The Education & Student Service Center (STU) can assist you in your study. There are courses available on the subjects of studying techniques, effective study, study skills, and much more. 

Studying with a functional disability

What we see as functional limitations and chronic illnesses are all physical, sensory or other disturbances that impede the progress of your study. This could be a physical disability, psychological difficulties, or such conditions as autism an dyslexia.

Are you a student with a functional disability? We don't have to tell you how much extra time and energy that can take. Eindhoven University of Technology wants you to have as equal an opportunity as possible of successful studentship. So that nothing gets in the way of your study. When you are starting studying at TU/e, it's best if you register yourself as a student with a functional disability at STU three months before colleges start.  You'll find a brochure about this in your enrollment package.

You can get more information from the STU. You can also find more extensive information about studying with a functional limitation at the specialty center: Handicap & Studie, telephone (030) 275 3300. Or check out the website:

Study and top sports

Performance in sport is highly prized at the TU/e alongside academic achievement. The practice of top sports demands a lot of time and energy, and this can sometimes have an impact on your studies. In certain circumstances it is possible to get financial support for top sports through the graduation fund. The maximum support is based on a delay in studies of twelve months.