Attractive jobs

The Bachelor's and Master's degrees at Eindhoven University of Technology don't lead you to one specific career. After graduation, you have a large number of different functions to choose from.

Here are some examples:

  • developer in the technological bio-medical industry
  • medical engineer in a hospital
  • architect
  • construction engineer
  • product developer
  • environmental or technological consultant
  • project leader
  • patienten logistics manager
  • information services manager
  • consultant in the field of home care technology
  • information services engineer
  • energy consultant
  • consumer research employee
  • research scientist
  • policy functionary
  • cryptologist
  • software developer
  • production engineer


Once you have graduated, you'll be popular in the industry in the Eindhoven region and elsewhere. Managers in industry know from experience that someone who has completed their education at the TU/e possesses the right knowledge to be able to succeed in their company. That's why they're keen to hire them.

As an engineer from Eindhoven, you have a solid scientific basis, and depth.  You also command the right competencies to allow you to grow in a number of different sectors and functions. TU/e graduates can look forward to a varied, challenging, lucrative and socially useful career.

Leading and innovating

TU/e graduates often grow into leading positions in their later careers.  They may become directors in industry. Increasingly, many graduates become independent entrepreneurs. TU/e alumni are to be found in national politics, in the management ranks of research organizations, and in the management teams of top Dutch companies.