Frequently Asked Questions

How does the application procedure work?
Your documents are checked upon completeness, and if all document are according our requirements, your application file will be send to the first selection committee. They will read your file and advice the management whether you indeed meet the requirements for admission and if you might be a suitable candidate for the programme. If the advice is positive, you will be invited for an interview with the second selection committee. They will give an advice to the USI management team whether a position in the programme should be offered. The management takes this advice into consideration together with the overview of the multidisciplinary and multicultural combination of the other candidates.

How long will it take before I know the results of my application?
If we have received all the required documents, it will take approximately 3 or 4 weeks before we inform you whether you will be invited for an interview with the selection committee.

Is the IELTS (or TOEFL) test obliged for everyone?
It"s obliged for every applicant including Dutch applicants. There are two exceptions : if your native language is English or your academic eduation was completely taught in English incl.literature.

Which people represent the USI selection committee?
We have several members who will read the application files and conduct the interviews. All of those people are experts in our field and some of them also teach modules in our curriculum. The management team will make the final decision, based on the advice of the selection committee.

How many people will be accepted for the programme that will start in 2014?
We will accept a maximum of 15 people. We want to have a good mix regarding academical background and nationalities, which implies that we will accept approximately 10 foreign applicants.

On the first page of the application documents is mentioned "GPA". What do you mean by that?
GPA means: Grade Point Average.

Can I send you all my documents by e-mail?
We prefer to receive hard copies of your application documents. The address is mentioned on this website. The letters of recommendations have to be sent separately to us by the recommenders themselves.

If I will be invited for an interview with the selection committee, how will you conduct the interview?
Applicants living in the Netherlands will be invited for an interview with the selection committee at TU/e. The interviews with the other candidates will be conducted either by phone or by videoconference.

How will my travel expenses for the interview be reimbursed ?
After the interview you can fill out a declaration form based upon original invoice(s). Reimbursement will be based upon public transport 2nd class.

Will the costs of the English test (approximately 100,- euro) be reimbursed?
The costs will be reimbursed only when your are accepted to the program.

How will the scholarship be arranged if I will be accepted for the USI program?
You will be employed by the University for two years and thus will receive a salary. The salary for 2014 is approximately 1600 euros gross per month. No tuition fees are charged for the USI program.

You will recieve a notebook at the start of the first year.
You can use the notebook till the end of your contract.

Who will arrange the visa if I will be accepted to the program?
The personnel office of the University will help you with applying for the visa and workpermit.

How will I find housing in Eindhoven?
The personnel office will help foreign candidates find housing.