Final project in Applied Mathematics

The Bachelor's program in Applied Mathematics is completed with a final project in the third year. During this final project, you draw on the knowledge and experience you have gained from the modeling projects during the first 2 years of your degree.

Content of the final project
You carry out a literature review in relation to a particular topic and a given problem. Possible topics may be:

  • software development in the field of mathematics
  • a scientific problem from the field of applied mathematics
  • an in-depth exploration of the theory relating to a topic in applied mathematics
  • a combination of these.

The emphasis is placed in all cases upon specialist knowledge of applied mathematics and on individual work.

You are supervised during your research by a lecturer (usually of your choice) who has knowledge of the topic that you are researching.

The project is completed with a Bachelor's thesis and a final presentation. Students must also write what is known as an 'A4-populair', in which you provide an explanation of what your project is about to an audience outside of the domain of applied mathematics, while not exceeding one sheet of A4.