Free electives

During the Applied Physics Bachelor’s program, you will get the opportunity to guide your education in a certain direction, or to put emphasis on certain subjects. This is possible because a quarter of the program consists of free elective space, in which you can choose which elective courses you want to follow. There are several options for these courses.

In-depth courses
First of all, you can choose to follow more in-depth courses in one of the fields of applied physics. For example, you can choose one of the following course packages:

Advanced classical physics:

  • Electrodynamics
  • Theoretical classical mechanics
  • Statistical physics
  • Turbulent flows, waves and instability

Modern physics:

  • Subatomic physics
  • Quantum optics and quantum information
  • General theory of relativity

Computer techniques in physics:

  • Computers in physics experiments
  • Physical modelling

Additionally, you can choose to broaden your knowledge, by choosing courses from another department at the university. Maybe you are interested in picking business-oriented courses in your free elective space, or you want to learn more about software science; this is all possible. It is even possible to fill your elective space with courses that you follow at another university, if you have permission from the examination committee.

Another option is doing more design-oriented assignments, instead of choosing for extra knowledge. This is possible by participating in one of the several projects. A substantial part of the education is not aimed at gathering knowledge, but at applying it in these design-oriented assignments. In the first phase of the program, the assignments will be coupled to courses that you will have at the same time. This way, there is a good balance between gathering knowledge and applying it.

In these projects, communication, social skills and collaborative working play a large role. You are also expected to take initiative and take responsibility for what you do. In combination with the practical assignments, this contributes to your development as an engineer.

Because there are so many possible options for your free elective space, experienced coaches will guide you in this process. They know all possibilities, and they can provide you with personal advice, so that you will choose the courses that fit you best. 

By shaping your own studies, you are the one that decides what societal challenges you want to take on.

You can find more information about courses and course packages in the digital education guide.