Major and basic courses

Major courses
Half of the Bachelor’s program consists of major courses. The major is the core of your program. In the three-year program, you will acquire basic knowledge and skills with which you can understand physical phenomena, and translate them into technological applications. The program is a mix of theory, practical assignments, projects and an internship. For instance, the knowledge that you acquire in mathematics courses will directly be used in physics courses, and it can be applied in practical assignments and projects. During these projects, you will learn to collaborate in a team, and you will research physical phenomena. In the third year, you will work in a research group for three months, as a ‘junior employee’. On the bottom of this page, you can see an overview of all the courses in the program.

Basic courses
In addition to the major courses, which specifically belong to the Applied Physics major, the program also contains several basic courses. These basic courses are part of every Bachelor’s program at Eindhoven University of Technology; every student has to follow them. These courses provide you with the solid foundation you need as an engineer.

Examples of basic courses are Calculus and Applied physical sciences, both first-year courses. These courses make sure that every student starts the program with the same level of understanding of the subjects. Next to this, you will also follow courses in which you learn about the basics of Engineering Design and Modelling.

More information
Would you like to know more about the courses in the Applied Physics program? Please check out the digital education guide.