Preferably, I combine the technical aspects with some research in the lab.

Ab Meijs, student

Third year student Bachelor Biomedical Engineering (BMT).

Why did you choose this major?

During high school I discovered that I wanted to do a technical study, which is why I chose the high school profiles Nature and Technology and Nature and Health. The study Medicine also interested me. From that moment on, I went to several information days from different universities. I figured out that Medicine was not right for me and it became clear to me that Biomedical Engineering was. Medicine consists of, in my opinion, too much memorization and not enough engineering, while my interest lies in these technical elements. Applying engineering on the human body fascinates me, for example techniques to provide answers in the diagnoses of specific diseases.

What do you like most about Biomedical Engineering?

This is very easy to explain: the diversity of the study. In all the different courses and projects we learn about the functioning of the human body and the engineering that is needed for new advancements in the medical world. For example, you can think of techniques which could very quickly detect tumors or enable the heart to heal itself. 

Which direction did you choose during your Bachelor?

I did not choose one specific direction; I have chosen a lot of different courses. I am interested in the Master Biomedical Engineering, but the Bachelor’s end project will be the deciding factor. Preferably, I would like to combine the technical elements with research in the laboratory, such as modeling biological systems that can to explain the findings in the lab. 

Where would you like to work in the future?

At the moment I want to work in a multi-disciplinary research team. In which company? I do not know yet. First I want to focus on getting my Bachelor’s degree and continuing to choose courses and projects I like. Then I am confident that I will find a nice place to work in the future.

What do you do next to your study?

In my first year I became a year representative of BMT in which a monthly meeting between Bachelor students and the department takes place. We discuss the courses, DBL-projects and education issues that students are confronted with. I also became a student member of the program committee, which exists of one Bachelor student per year and one student per Master’s division. The program committee focusses on the quality of the educational program, the implementation of the program and examination regulations and other matters regarding education within the relevant degree program. Even though it is an advisory board I think that we are able to improve the education the students. 

December 2015