I like the projects the most, in which you think up an experiment and may also do it in practice.

Paula Uittenbogaard, student

Third year student Biomedical Engineering (BMT).

Why did you choose this major?

I have studied Dutch Language and Culture for one year before I started in Eindhoven. I thought I was not the beta type. During my first year I got good grates, but I wanted to push myself harder and do more directly applied work. Therefore I started to orientate again, but then I met a friend who studied BMT and after two orientation days I knew this was the perfect study for me. To me it is the combination of the intellectual challenge and doing useful work which makes this study so interesting. 

What do you like most about Biomedical Engineering?

I like the DBL-projects the most, in which you design an experiment and may also carry it out in the lab. Of course, it is necessary to gain knowledge in all the courses, but the thing I love most is that you can brainstorm with some students, get to an idea, work out a plan and bring it into practice.

Which direction did you choose during your Bachelor?

I have already chosen the Chemical Biology package, but I will not choose my second package yet , because at the moment I am a member of the board of student association Ichthus Eindhoven. This is why I only do my mandatory courses and projects this year. Next year I will follow the electives. I consider doing some nice courses at Industrial Engineering or going abroad for a few months! 

Where would you like to work in the future?

I think there are roughly three ways to go with BMT: industry, research or hospital. I do not yet know what fits me best. I think I will figure this out during my Master, because then you will work on a research project and write your Master’s thesis. Afterwards, I can decide whether I want for example do a PhD project or want to explore my options in industry. In my work at a car company, I learned that I also like to work in a company in a management function. On the other hand, research might be more specialized and a bigger challenge. This choice will be a challenge on itself for me. 

What do you do next to your study?

I am active in the student association where I am now a member of the board. Next year, I want to work as a student assistant and possibly participate in a project like iGEM. You will then work on designing a molecular ‘machine’ for half a year, after which you will go to Boston to present the results, where you will meet student teams from all over the world. Participating in these kinds of projects and in a board or committee is very instructive, next to your regular courses. In your student time you will invest a lot in yourself and develop yourself rapidly!

December 2015