Admission and selection

Selection as of 2018-2019

In order to keep the quality of our education at a high level, Computer Science and Engineering has decided to set a numerus fixus with selection as of September 2018. 

If you wish to start the program in September 2018, you have to enroll before the registration deadline of January 15, 2018

It's not possible any more to register for enrollment in September 2018. 

Dates & Deadlines 2018

15 January Application deadline & upload grades 5 VWO in Studielink. *1
16 FebruaryDeadline fill out and send back reflection form *2
beginning of MarchInvitation to participate in selection process.
Saturday 10 March
online test day

Selection will take place at 14.00 CEST (Dutch time) for all participants. *2


Mathematical Thinking (calculus)

Logic Thinking

Algorithmic Thinking

The candidate is responsible for assuring a well-functioning internet connection.

15 April Ranking number assigned through Studielink to each candidate who has participated in the entire selection procedure.
The candidate must accept this proof of admission via Studielink within two weeks of the date of receipt. Otherwise, your place will go to the next candidate in line. This means that in the following weeks candidates with higher rank numbers could still receive a place in the study, so make sure you keep an eye on Studielink and your e-mail.  

*E-mail address used in the selection procedure is similar to the e-mail address used for Studielink. The candidate is responsible for checking messages in his inbox and spam folder during the whole selection procedure.

*2 Each candidate must take part in all components of the selection procedure in order to qualify for the ranking number. If the candidate fails to take part in one or more components, the candidate will be excluded from the procedure and will not receive a ranking number. 

Want to know more about this procedure? Check out the general page with an explanation of the selection procedure.

Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for Computer Science and Engineering is completely online and contains an online reflection form and the following tests:

  • Mathematical Thinking (calculus)
  • Logic Thinking
  • Algorithmic Thinking

The authenticated school results of the pre-exam highschool or IB year will have to be submitted as well, also before January 15th.

Please note that selection will take place on Saturday March 10, 2018 at 14.00h CEST (Dutch time).

International students have to submit their full application package before January 15th, including their English proficiency test results. International students will take the tests online.

The program selects students on success prospects in the bachelor's program; for this, motivation and preciseness are important. It is definitely not a competition, TU/e aims for diversity.

The maximum capacity is 250 first-year students. In 2017 over 300 first-year students started Computer Science and Engineering.

It is possible to prepare and practice for the basic course Calculus via Experience Mathness. This is also very useful for the Mathematical Thinking test.

What to do if my ranking number exceeds 250?

It is our experience that not every student that is placed actually accepts that place. This means that a place may still open up. In this case, this place is offered to the next highest ranking number. For example, if you have ranking number 260 (having 250 places available), you will not be placed unless 10 of the initially selected candidates do not accept their place. If this is the case, you will be approached through Studielink to take up this 10th free place. You must accept this place within two weeks of receiving the notification through Studielink. This means that after April 15 candidates with a ranking number higher than 250 might still receive a place in the study program, so make sure to keep an eye on Studielink and your e-mail. This process of re-assigning places even continues until September!

We recommend that you have a plan B at your disposal if no place is available for you. The application deadline for other study programs is May 1. You may want to consider enrolling in the bachelor program Data Science, Applied Mathematics or one of the other TU/e bachelor programs that do not have a numerus fixus.

In case you definitely want to take a computer science program and study in the Brainport region of the Netherlands, the Fontys ICT program (either the English stream or the accelerated 3-year program (in Dutch only)) is a good alternative. Both programs offer excellent opportunities to proceed to an academic master program at TU/e after graduation.

Admission Requirements

Do you have a foreign (pre-university) diploma and want to study Computer Science and Engineering ? TU/e welcomes students from all over the world, but before we can grant admission we need to check that the previous educational background is at a sufficient level to participate succesfully in the Bachelor's program Computer Science and Engineering.

The International Office handles all foreign admissions. Go to Admission requirements for international students to find out more about the application procedure, English proficiency requirements and more. The application deadline for entering the program in 2018 is January 15th 2018.

If you have a Dutch diploma, click on 'Nederlands' in the header and read about the admission requirements.

Propaedeutics diploma from a Higher Vocational Education (HBO)

With a Propaedeutics diploma from a Higher Vocational Education (HBO), you may also start with the Computer Science and Engineering program if you have the proper academic level of certain subjects. For more information check this page.


Students with a Dutch diploma have to enroll via Studielink. First choose Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, and then Computer Science and Engineering. If you also want to study Applied Mathematics, enroll for Computer Science and Engineering and write on your registration form that you also want to Applied Mathematics.

Please make sure to enroll before January 15th! Applications after January 15th will not be accepted.

You can find more information about admission and enrollment on the website. International admission requirements can be found here.