Study Association Pattern

Data Science Association Pattern is the study association for all Data Science students from Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch (JADS). The association provides the introduction weeks and camp, organizes lunch meetings, company visits and other educational and fun activities. You can also purchase your books with discount through the association. Pattern is the best way for every Data Science student to feel at home and to make friends for life!

Because Pattern is a new association you have a chance of being involved with the further creation and layout of the association. Become a member and join a committee to be part of the first official year of Pattern, and experience the foundation, layout and creation of a study association like no other. Take this unique chance and help with the further creation of the association, you will not only learn a lot but it is also a lot of fun!

Pattern’s Education Committee is also really involved in developing the course program and courses.Pattern is there to help you with your study in any way they can. More information about Pattern can be found on or facebook page: dsapattern