Why study Data Science in Eindhoven & Tilburg?

Studying Data Science at TU/e means that you are studying at one of Europe's very best universities. We have already performed very well in independent rankings for years. That does not mean we are full of ourselves, however. The atmosphere at our university and within the department of Mathematics and Computer Science is welcoming, friendly and open. 
If you have any questions or you require support, then our lecturers and other staff members are here to help you at any time. That support is available as soon as you register with the Bachelor College, at which time you and your coach decide together which major suits you best and how you can make the most effective choices for your electives. And if during the first year it turns out that a different major is more suitable, you can look together with your coach in order to determine how you can change your major during the current academic year. 
The heart of Eindhoven
Our university lies in the heart of Eindhoven. Not only does that offer a wealth of opportunities for vibrant and unforgettable student living, Eindhoven is also at the centre of one of Europe's most important high-tech regions. Approximately 50% of research and development conducted in the Netherlands takes place within this region. Eindhoven is also home to companies and organizations such as ASML, Philips, TNO and the High Tech Campus. We enjoy close contacts with these organizations. You can imagine that all of this is of great advantage to you when it comes to finding internships, graduating and finding employment.

Campus Tilburg University
Tilburg University is the ideal place to obtain your bachelor. We focus on knowledge and practical skills and personal attention is a priority. According to Elsevier Tilburg University is the best specialized university of the Netherlands. The National Student Survey 2015 showed that our students are more than satisfied about their education and Tilburg is of course a vibrant and cosy student town.

A unique joint Bachelor's program

The Data Science major is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands not least because of the cooperation with Tilburg University.

Due to the international nature of the internet as a means of communication and as a research field, we offer the program in English. 

This new program starts in September 2016.