You've graduated. What next?

Follow Up Master's programs

After completing your Bachelor's degree in Data Science, you can transfer directly to one of the following Master's programs that are part of the cooperation of TU/e and Tilburg University, called the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS):

Joint Master Data Science and Entrepreneurship with Tilburg University (in the city of Den Bosch)

The special master track Data Science in Engineering at TU/e

The master track Data Science Business ​and Governance at Tilburg University

The master track Business Analytics and Operations Research at Tilburg University

The master track Marketing Analytics at Tilburg University


or you can choose an other master's program at Technische Universiteit Eindhoven or Tilburg University.


As an engineer in Data Science, you are prepared for a career as data analist at Philips, Google or Albert Heijn, as marketeer or data engineer at banks, the NS or in healthcare.  You could, for example, begin work as a team member with one of the many innovative companies in the region, or even with organizations in other areas of the world. 
You will provide solutions for clients, or offer insights and innovations society as a whole is waiting for or will find useful

As a creative person with a technical background, you have a good insight into the needs of end-users and you are able to devise innovative solutions. For example, you could create an effective virtual meeting room for meetings being attended remotely, or retrieve information and develop personal news filters. You might develop a portal with all Master's programs being run in Europe, or you could improve web services by means of a data mining technique.

With Data Science you will become a data scientist (someone who will discover and develop new markets with big data), a data engineer (someone who can translate questions of an organization issues into data cases and the other way around) or a data entrepreneur with your own data science business. There is a huge demand for well trained data scientists.

Data Science is applied in various sectors.
Companies for example scrutinize the purchasing behavior of their customers looking for new marketing leads, the police uses big data to expose areas of a high crime risk, in healthcare global data are combined to better research rare diseases and data science startups develop various personalized and smart apps. 

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science you are likely to have a career in the (international) world of Big Data.

Master's programs
Would you like to continue to develop your skills? If so, we recommend undertaking a follow-up program in the form of the special master program Data Science in Engineering which is part of the Master's program in Computer Science and Engineering, or one of the other Master's programs.
After obtaining your Master's degree you will undoubtedly always be involved in innovation.

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