Graduated, what next?

There is a strong need for academic engineers in the field of electrical engineering. The TU/e is the perfect place for starting your career, since the Eindhoven region, also known as Brainport, is the technological heart of the Netherlands. The region accounts for a third of all Dutch private R&D expenditure and is one of Europe’s top three regions in terms of patent density. The region is home to companies like Philips, ASML, NXP, VDL, VanDerLande, TomTom, Océ/Canon and DAF. In addition, the region hosts many small high-tech companies and research institutes. Or you could decide to start your own company. During your study you will be able to contact one or more of the companies in our region, for example by doing an internship. The starting salaries are in the top 5 of best starting salaries.

Continue studying or obtaining your PhD

Next to a job at industry, you can (after your Master) choose to pursue the two-year designers course SAI-ICT. You can also try and obtain your PhD at the Electrical Engineering department.

Our department hosts 150 PhD students.