Do I fit this program?

To become a successful Industrial Design student you need to be interested in modern-day technical applications and have a hands-on approach to problem-solving. You also need to able to think creatively; you like to experiment with new ideas and angles of perception, you like to think out of the box and you are constantly looking for ways to improve the world around you. Additionally, you have a flair for good aesthetics and design and you are interested in working together with other designers and experts to create smart, innovative products.

During the Industrial Design Bachelor course at TU/e, you will learn, amongst many other things, about programming and how to integrate electronics in interactive prototypes. You will learn how products and systems are made. You will learn how to clearly communicate and present your ideas, and put your work in a broader perspective. Additionally, you will develop a broad technical knowledge which prepares you to work together with other technical engineers from various disciplines.

You will learn to work together –not only with fellow-students, teachers, researchers and companies, but also with the users of your designs. User testing is an important aspect within the educational program; you have to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand their needs and preferences. This will help you to bridge the gap between humans and technology through innovative design.

Our educational model demands students who can function within teams and who also have the motivation to develop an active, independent and responsible work attitude. This bachelor’s program requires a lot of reflection about who you are as a designer and how to further develop yourself as a professional and as a designer. Next to building a broad foundation, you will get a lot of freedom to develop and follow your own vision and identity as a designer. You will learn the value and importance of giving and getting honest feedback, and this will help you improve as you progress through your study. Therefore, it is a challenging and intensive yet rewarding course - a daily commitment and sometimes even more than that.