First year

The first year focuses on building an awareness of the areas of expertise related to Industrial Design. You create the foundation for the competencies you need as an industrial designer to design interactive systems, products and related services in a societal context.

In the first quartile you take two design courses: one on design processes, creativity, idea- and concept development; the other about integrating technology by creative programming. Later on you take another two: one about designing for the user, in the other you will learn to use a few basic principles of electrical engineering. Combined with four basic courses, one design project and two electives, you develop the competencies you need as a designer.

Your first design project is performed in a group. In this project you will also become acquainted with reflecting on your own learning, developing your vision, setting learning goals and writing your own personal development plan. You also learn how to build up a digital portfolio. By using reflections supported by photos, videos, reports et cetera, you discuss with your coach what you have designed and how you have developed yourself.

In this group project you can work with dynamic light sources or integrate electronics into textiles. Just to list a few examples! You can use these technologies in several societal contexts, for example to improve athletic achievements or support surgeries or teaching rooms.