Second year

In the second year you spend about one third of your time on design projects. You will do one design and one design research projects within one of the themes (squads). You select the projects that match your learning goals. Within the projects you integrate and develop your competencies in an authentic context, often including a real (business) client or research group. A project coach supports and assesses your project. You are very much stimulated to develop your own vision and identity as designer. At the end of each semester you present the results during a ‘demo day’. 

You take three design courses, linked to the expertise areas. Also, you learn various design and research approaches and broaden your attitude, skills and knowledge. In the second year you take one final basic course and select a USE learning line (consisting of three consecutive electives). USE stands for User, Society and Enterprise. These courses show how technology always operates in a broader context. Engineers develop technology for users to contribute to solutions for societal problems and to create business opportunities for industry.

Nominal students are stimulated to take an additional 15 credits on top of their program as an Honors Track.