Third year

The third year is about strengthening your vision and identity outside of the Department and about demonstrating your overall competence of designing in an individual design project.

Exchange, internship or electives

The first semester of year 3 is characterized by gaining experience outside the boundaries of the department. Your choice depends on your personal learning goals. The options are: 

  • An exchange at a foreign university with which Industrial Design has an agreement. This is an option if you want to gain experience with learning in another educational model or culture, or if you want to acquire expertise that is not available at our department or the TU/e. 
  • An internship at a design agency, or a R&D or design department of a company in the Netherlands or abroad. This might be an appropriate choice for students who want to gain experience with design in a professional context.
  • Elective courses at other TU/e departments or at another university in the Netherlands (minor). This is a good option for students who want to acquire specific knowledge or expertise. 

Final bachelor project

During the second semester you conduct your final bachelor project. This is a fully individual project in which you demonstrate your ability to develop an interactive system, product and/or service in a societal context. The project reflects your vision and identity as designer. Aside from the final bachelor project, you take two courses.