Intensive coaching

As an Industrial Design student you are not on your own. There are several employees, teachers and senior students that you can turn to. 


As a first year student you are tutored by a senior student in a group of first year students. The seniors familiarize you with the program and department.

Teacher coach

As of the second year, an experienced teacher coach offers you personalized advice. You discuss the best ways of filling in your electives with your teacher coach. In this way you shape your study program in line with your interests and ambitions. Based on your portfolio, you discuss your development with your teacher coach. You learn to explore who you are and how you see yourself as a designer; you develop a professional identity. 

Project coach

For every design project you are assigned a project coach. This teacher supervises your design process, helps you formulate your learning goals for the project and monitors your competency development during the project. 

Study advisor

The study advisors are not linked to a specific course or project. You can consult a study advisor if you need advice on all kinds of issues that affect your study progress. In a personal meeting things like workload, study planning or your study approach can be discussed.