DBL: Design-Based Learning

On the  Psychology & Technology Bachelor's program we consider it valuable that even while you are still a student your study offers you the opportunity to gain experience of issues in the field. The Psychology & Technology program focusses on how people use technologies. The aim is to increase the acceptance or enjoyment of using products, systems, facilities and services.  

Real-world assignments
For this reason, the course involves Design-Based Learning, or DBL projects. These engage you in real-world assignments. These start right in the first year. In the DBL projects you will work in a group of approx. four to six students on absorbing innovative issues.

In this way, you will gain an idea of the field of work and you will learn to work in a team and try to solve problems by using technical and psychological knowledge. This is important, because in the future you will often cooperate with people with other disciplines. What’s more, you will often be the bridge builder between (technical) specialists, the consumer and society.